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Delicious Indian food is a small but powerful way of humans experiencing happiness. What started as a delicacy in the royal kitchens of the Nizam of Hyderabad and would be served as the centerpiece of wedding feasts has now enthralled the Indian population of all strata for centuries. We have seen a billion people derive great satisfaction from a plate of authentic, flavorful royal cuisine (biryani) and wanted America to experience this pleasure as our signature dish. At our Indian Restaurant we offer lunch everyday and a la carte for dinner.

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Real Delicious Food Straight To Your Table

Aromatic and deeply flavorful, Persis Columbia Indian food is full of fresh ingredients, heady spices, and vibrant colors. It is also loaded with powerful anti-inflammatory phytonutrients. If Indian food is new to you, it might seem daunting, but do not worry. We are there to help you.You will find that the dishes come together with surprising ease to eat. Do not let the bevy of spices intimidate you, either. Once you know how to handle them, you will find that -having these intoxicating flavor combinations is pretty straightforward. In our restaurant we do catering for any events and have banquet halls for parties and seminars.Applicable taxes will be charged. All major credit cards accepted. No personal checks please.